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Need a Hand with Your Mobility Growth in 2017?

February 24, 2017

2017 is bringing new trends, new speeds, and new technology into the wireless marketplace. Much of what we do in the workplace is now being done via tablet, a mobile phone and/or some type of mobile application. With all of this increase in mobile activity in the workplace, there is a need to manage mobility to keep costs low and keep your mobility program running smoothly. In order to implement an effective mobile strategy, we have to understand our workforce. It is important to understand our end users and how mobility enters into the organization.

It is estimated that by 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will consist of employees from the new millennial generation. End users from this generation are usually up to speed with the technology that is available today and therefore are using the latest devices and apps to complete tasks in an efficient manner. Naturally, we can expect that a great number of these users will want to use the latest technology in the workplace.

However, taking into consideration that company information must often remain private and confidential, security plays a key role in setting your mobility program up for success. In our webinar, you’ll learn more about the importance of having security as a standard when managing company devices.

It’s important to note that data speeds are also advancing which will lead to greater data consumption across the board. The average household consumes almost 20GB of data per month, with that number likely to go up in the near future. Since the year 2000, Mindglobal has been helping Fortune 1,000 companies save thousands monthly through rate plan optimization and even further through “behavioral optimization” by helping to promote a culture of awareness and sound decisions when it comes to managing wireless expenses. Learn more through our webinar about how you can transition to a strategic state to maintain security and effectively manage your company’s mobility program.