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Provisioning – Loaded, Secure Devices Ready-to-Go, Out of the Box

October 1, 2020

Have you ever deployed 500 or 5000+ wireless devices to your workforce in one project? If you have, you understand why in some cases, prepackaging/staging and provisioning the devices so they are ready out-of-the-box is the only way to go. It takes an experienced team to be time-efficient while avoiding cost increases as they manage massive device refresh upgrades or on-boarding new employees.

Done right, enterprises that deliver out-of-the-box, ready to use devices provide a greater employee experience and experience higher adoption rates, as well as ensuring that employees have the right tools from day one. This webinar covered the best practices of wireless device provisioning staging, or kitting, and why it makes sense to work with a partner with examples of good and bad:

  • How provisioning aids in cyber security
  • Why it’s important to centralize provisioning
  • How automation streamlines the process
  • How to reduce costs in a large deployment
  • Why provisioning is an important prep step for 5G
  • What to look for when selecting the right provisioning partner

If you missed this webinar don’t miss out on the valuable information.

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