What’s Coming in 2019 for Wireless TEM

January 22, 2019

Here we are beginning a new year that undoubtedly will be dominated by 5G for wireless expense management. While enterprises operating in large markets are already realizing the 5G impact on speed and bandwidth, other enterprises, particularly those in smaller regions, could be waiting for a year or two to leverage the new technology.  Employees will be gaining even greater flexibility and Enterprises will face more complex challenges in security with a wider range of devices to manage.

Even with all the changes, the same fundamentals will apply for telecommunications expense management.  Expansion in the Internet of Things could mean more devices that will require focus and attention on security.  The rise of artificial intelligence in automated processes could add more complex devices to manage.  The standards of managing device mobility, creating new depth for mobile analytics, and developing processes for incorporating the most economical and useful of the higher quality hardware will all still be critically needed.

The blog, What Does the Future Look Like for Enterprise Mobility Management  from Customer Think, spells out the key areas where enterprise mobility management (EMM) will face the biggest change.

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