11 Strategies to Control TEM Costs

11 Cost Saving Strategies for Wireless Telecom Expense Management

More and more, the enterprise relies on Smartphones, air cards and data over standard phones and other telemetry devices to connect with their employees, and more importantly to enable their employees to be productive and mobile. International roaming is also a fast growing cost as employees travel the globe in search of business. Add to this the increasing number of devices and operating systems employees select to bring into the enterprise on their own and costs can spiral quickly.

This white paper will focus on 11 proven best practices in wireless expense management (WEM) which Mindglobal has employed successfully for numerous enterprises:

  1. Create a Corporate Wireless Policy
  2. Automate manual wireless telecom expense management support processes
  3. Disconnect/suspend inactive or zero usage devices
  4. Analyze usage monthly to avoid losing savings over a quarter
  5. Put controls in place to manage texting
  6. Preplan for international use
  7. Create wireless hubs by tethering laptops to active Smartphones
  8. Communicate with users to engage them in cost saving processes
  9. Recycle or sell old wireless devices
  10. Renegotiate carrier contracts between terms to take advantage of new rates
  11. Select a strong wireless TEM partner

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