Best Practice: Corporate Policy

Why Develop a Corporate Wireless Policy?

Growing wireless device costs, increasing security issues and the complexity of wireless devices management has made it critical to document and communicate a detailed corporate wireless policy. The policy must describe the company’s regulations for procurement, use and management of wireless devices (cell phones, wireless data device, air cards, pagers, etc.). Once developed, the policy must be clearly communicated to all employees, and penalties for non-compliance must be enforced.

The Corporate Wireless Policy must address:

  • Who is governed by the corporate wireless policy?
  • How can a corporate wireless policy be managed and enforced?
  • What compliance guidelines should be included?

No two organizations are alike and each Corporate Wireless Policy must be adapted to the culture and management processes of the company. Mindglobal has worked with numerous U.S. and international companies to develop and implement comprehensive Corporate Wireless Policies.

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