Wireless Liability

Pros and Cons for Wireless Corporate vs Personal Liability

Everyone working for your company has and uses a cell phone or wireless device. While they certainly use it for personal reasons, many are issued cellphones for business purposes. The convenience and efficiencies for your business are undeniable. The costs, however, are equally undeniable.

Increased reliance on cell phones leads to increased costs – costs that are escalating at approximately 30% per year for most organizations according to industry analysts. Additionally, the decisions your company must make to control these costs, keep up with changing rate plans, and develop a comprehensive wireless policy become even more complex.

One issue all organizations should analyze is whether to corporately procure and accept liability for equipment and charges or to reimburse employees for business usage yet mandate that employees be personally responsible for their wireless account. There are both benefits and drawbacks inherent in the decision but the issue should be closely examined.

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