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We pride ourselves on having long-term clients, some with over 15 years of working with Mindglobal. We provide the best services, give them insight into trends both within their companies and across the macro-environment, and have the ability to flex with them to adapt to emerging technologies.

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Who are our customers? We work with clients, both large and small, in various industries, to curate solutions that work for them.


A large, established retailer with over 250 storefronts, 17,000 mobile devices, and over 1,000 executives that need roaming for international travel.l


More than 5,000 mobile plans and company-owned devices, 500 WiFi-enabled personal hotspots, 20% annual turnover requires constant device maintenance and redeployment.l


An international trailblazer who’s state-of-the-art image means every employee is given the latest in mobile technology, and a perk of employment is all bills are paid by the corporation; 10,000 wireless users based in different countries plus some personal devices paid for by the company and cloud storage for their dealerships.l


As one of the largest insurance companies in the US, this blue-chip company is responsible for more than 32,000 mobile devices, 3,000 point-of-care tablets, and dozens of regional offices with fixed telecom needs.l

Creating customized solutions to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and eliminate waste.

about our expertise


We reduce internal management requirements and improve processes to find efficiencies, including audit and consolidation of bill payment


We provide improved inventory management, enrollment, and procurement capabilities that increase employee satisfaction and reduce management effort.


We gather data and apply powerful analysis to uncover trends and recommend spending reduction and optimization.


We reduce in-house support requirements with mobile-dedicated, 24/7 Help Desk services.


We can walk you through the entire gamut of mobile, fixed and/or UCaaS strategies to formulate and refine the most successful and efficient program for your enterprise.

Our custom and strategic telecom services are made for you.

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