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At Mindglobal, we believe that one-size does not fit all but rather through understanding our client’s business and their employee’s needs we can customize our support to help them save money, become more efficient, and ultimately increase productivity for their IT, telecom, procurement, sales, support and executive teams.

It’s easy to see where our expertise resides:

Wireless Telecom

reduce cost, improve processes and increase end user satisfaction by optimizing rate plans for data, voice, text and international roaming; device procurement, deployment, warehousing / kitting and refurbishment; carrier negotiations; consolidate bill payments; reporting and analysis.

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Fixed Telecom

simplify and consolidate invoices; audit and optimize billing; bill payments; dispute management; service order management; inventory management; oversee disparate and dispersed telephone providers;  support regional offices, franchises, store-fronts, and global headquarters.

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UCaaS Management

audit existing Communication Services contracts; assess capabilities of current UCaaS solution(s); license management; quality of service monitoring; security and compliance; ongoing support and maintenance; contract negotiation; invoicing; expense management

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For over 20 years

Do you remember the year 2000? We had successfully made it through the Y2K scare, flip phones or Blackberry's were in everyone’s pockets, 'N Sync was all the rage, and at the dawning of a new century, our company was formed. We saw an opportunity to help businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of mobility - from managing their cellular minutes to deploying enterprise-owned devices to distribution to the growing mobile workforce.

Mindglobal’s Leadership Team

David Wise

Co-CEO / Founder

Kevin Whitehurst

Co-CEO / Founder

Jack McAffee

CIO & Head of Technology

Keith Clark

Head of Customer Operations & Help Desk

Ben Savage

Head of Customer Finance

Allison Mustin

Head of Marketing

Terese Barborak


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